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Meaning of the tree of life and grounding praying beads

Meaning of the Tree of life:

The tree of life can be interpreted in many ways. The tree of life means a lot to me because for me it's the resemblance that we are all one and connected with animals, plants and each other. We all need trees to survive because of the oxygen it provides and for many animals, birds, and insects spend most of their lives in trees. It also provides shelters from the weather and protection and also gives us resources we use day to day. In addition, tree's produce fruits, nuts, barks, leaves and roots. With global warming trees also contribute by absorbing carbon dioxide. It might be stupid to say, but thank a tree and be appreciate of it and all it provides us with. 

In the spiritual world, the tree of life signifies protection, strength, beauty, wisdom, bounty, and redemption. Likewise, the tree of life is also a symbolization of growth because of the way a tree grows with many microcosms and just like the human development. It shows that we are all connected from every branch. 
tree of life, spiritual, positive thinking, carnelian, kaylas vibrations, good vibes, black onyx, hematite, lava rock, praying beads,
We take for granted the simple things that mean the most! 

Tree of life = You are a child of the universe
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tree of life, spiritual, positive thinking, carnelian, kaylas vibrations, good vibes, black onyx, hematite, lava rock, praying beads, aromatherapy
tree of life, spiritual, positive thinking, carnelian, kaylas vibrations, good vibes, black onyx, hematite, lava rock, praying beads, aromatherapy
These praying beads with necklace/bracelet however you would like to wear it focuses on grounding while meditating. Gemstones and crystals can help us convert, amplify, transform, activate, transfer, move, absorb and diffuse energy within the body and feel the different frequencies and vibrations you can create and manifest. 

The Black Onyx - Root Chakra
Grounding, confidence, clarity, protection
prevents draining of personal energy, encourages optimism

Hematite - Root Chakra
Grounding, balance, inner harmony
together with onyx activates a protective shield

Lava Rock
Renewal, connection with mother earth
use a drop of your favorite essential oils for aroma therapy

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra
Emotional balance, sexuality, creativity
stimulates motivation, boosts creativity, and awakens passion 

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  1. Pretty necklace !

  2. I didn't know all of this about the tree of life! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I never actually knew the meaning of the tree of life! It means so much more now.

  4. Beautiful necklaces babe! Love the post.
    Thanks for sharing gorgeous.
    Kisses, Raysa

  5. I love the meaning behind the Tree of Life, most importantly because it's incorporated into so many designs, it's important to know what you're wearing/representing! This necklace is very special :)

    aglassofice.com x

  6. Amazing collection, beautiful colors as well, I love the purple color the most, thank you for sharing!!!



  7. Pretty necklaces, I love when jewelry has meaning behind it.

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  8. I agree, everything in nature and life is all connected and are highly influential in the life of the next! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!




  9. I agree with you. We are all connected in different ways especially to our surroundings. I love how this necklace can have that scent that can help me relax the entire day. I'm so interested with the Carnelian - Sacral Chakra necklace. Keep on sharing love! xx



    1. thank youuu darling! glad you are interested :) it's a great healing stone!

  10. I love it dear <3 The meaning of tree of life is so great !!
    I love meditation, I love stones, this is my part of life, thank you for this post !!
    I love your soul and beauty - you are unique <3

    Kisses my gorgeous :***

    1. Thank you my love!!! You are so sweet :) That's why I love reading your blog! You have a wonderful day you beautiful soul.

  11. When i need to get some energy i go hug trees :)

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  12. The tree of life has such a beautiful meaning, and I love the design of that aroma therapy necklace. That is such a great piece!

  13. Interesting read, thanks for sharing! I'm loving your blog too, would love to follow each other, let me know! x


  14. cute necklaces :)


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