Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chris Vongsawat Photoshoot

This shoot was very interesting. I was feeling really sick before this shoot too but my agent told me this was a great photographer and I found out he was. His name is Chris Vongsawat and he's shot for Louis Vuitton. I got their a little bit earlier and we talked about photographers, fashion, modeling and he was really friendly. I  was excited to work with Kyle Lu Lu ( Kyle's blog ). I've worked with him during last fashion week with designer Carlos Luna. Kyle such an easy person to talk to and I love his work. He's a great stylist and has worked with many people including Nina Sky. I met the lovely Jonathan Mejia (blogger) also and now we are great friends :) You can check out his blog page

Anyways, this shoot was a video shoot and a print shoot. The stylist worked with the designersWho Cares NYC  and Ktag Clothing I loved their clothing and would love to work with them in the near future. We shot outside and it was freezing cold. Thank god Jonathan bought me some hot chocolate. 

These are how the pictures came out. 
Xoxo Kay Kruse

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